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    • with kids and soaps

      A Year Later: Soap For Hope

      A little over a year ago Jock Brandis and his team invented a cold soap press that allowed for the repurposing of used cleaning materials from hotels around the world. In collaboration with the Replan......

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    • stefan phang

      Asian NGO Magazine Interview with Stefan Phang

      The following is the transcript from an interview with Replan It’s Stefan Phang by Asian NGO magazine.  Asian NGO: Tell our readers briefly about your two-pronged CSO engagement in Asia, in reference to child prostitution......

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    • green_mortgage4

      Great Green Home Design Materials

      When buying or renovating a home the last thing you think about is recycle or reuse. Let’s be honest here, most of us (our better halves) want “new, new, new.” However there are a few......

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    • sunburn_layout2a_500flynn

      10 Remedies For Sunburn

      Is there anything less irritating than a sunburn? In all honesty there are about a million things as annoying as a sunburn but that doesn’t mean sunburns aren’t terrible. This blog poster is suffering from......

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